“Tartuffe” – Shock, horror and hypocrisy! Loved it!! Nov 15 – 30, 2019.


Monsieur Orgon (Jim Thompson) tries to convince Madame Pernelle – his mother (Catherine Christensen) – of the significance of his wife, Elmire’s (Venetia Macken), revelation!


Written by Molière and adapted by Christopher Hampton….
directed by Joan Moriarty

Tartuffe, a pious hypocrite, has wheedled his way into the wealthy family of Monsieur Orgon. Orgon, totally besotted by Tartuffe’s charms, plans to give him not only his fortune, but his daughter’s hand in marriage. The struggles of the rest of the family to expose the imposter are both hilarious and risqué.

(Text by Chris McLean – HTC Posters & Programme).
Heidelberg Theatre Company, 36 Turnham Avenue, Rosanna, Melbourne VIC Australia.

Follow the links below to view photos of HTC’s production of Tartuffe.  (Images by Dave Belton)

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