August Osage County

August Osage County

The Weston family unexpectedly reunite after Dad disappears. Shady secrets and repressed truths emerge that result in a family meltdown. This fraught and densely plotted saga of a Mid-West American clan is both fiercely funny and bitingly sad. Packed with unforgettable characters and dozens of quotable lines, this black comedy won both the Tony Award and Pulitzer prize for best new play in 2008! (Source

written by Tracy Letts
directed by Joan Moriarty
2 MAY – 18 MAY 2013



Set Build









Early Rehearsal








Mid Rehearsal
HTC_OAC_mid rehearsal1








Dress Rehearsal




















Beverly Weston Tom Travers
Violet Weston Louise Whiteman
Barbara Fordham Anne Smith
Ivy Weston Rhonda Chung
Karen Weston Sarah Crock
Bill Fordham Geoff Arnold
Jean Fordham Stephanie Gonelli
Steve Heidebrecht Tony Costa
Mattie Fae Aiken Carol Shelbourn
Charlie Aiken Bob Tyers
“Little” Charles Aiken Andrew McNess
Johnna Monevata Reeni Ekanayake
Sheriff John Gilbeau Gavin Baker

Director Joan Moriarty
Assistant Director Karen Wakeham
Production Manager Margaret Hassall
Set Design Marie Mackrell
Lighting Design Craig Pearcey
Sound Design George Bissett
Stage Manager Melanie Belcher

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