Blithe Spirit: Set & Decoration

Heidelberg Theatre takes on yet another old/new look!

Heidelberg Theatre takes on yet another old/new look!

The living room of the Condomine household in Kent, 1941 – a summer evening

Blithe Spirit – Set/Decor

Director Wendy Drowley
Production Coordinator Jim Thomson
Lighting Design Deryk Hartwick
Set Design Wendy Drowley
Lighting Operators Michael Rowe & John Rowe
Sound Design George Bissett
Sound Operator Bruce Moorehouse
Stage Manager Melanie Belcher
Assistant Stage Manager Sheelagh Belton
Stage Assistants Sally Ockenden & Andrew Adorno (Along with Katherine, Andrew, Rhonda and Steph)
Costumes Diane Brennan
Properties & Decor Bronwyn Parker
Mechanics Bruce Moorehouse
Rehearsal Prompt Bobbie Parish
Photography David Belton
Set Construction Owen Evans, Doug McNaughton, Paddy Moriarty, Des Harris, Neville Wilkie, Ian McCabe, Mal Cother

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