HTC’s – Twelve Angry Men…..”Far be it from me to call anyone a liar…”

“Everyone gets a fair trial…..that’s the system….   Well I suppose you can’t say anything against it.

“Twelve Angry Men” written by Reginald Rose and directed by Chris Baldock

The jury are locked in…it’s stinking hot…and jury member Number Eight refuses to accept the murder case as ‘open and shut’. What is truth? What is doubt? Hell! A young man’s life is at stake! What’s it gonna take to break through the prejudice?…to question motive?…to cast aside preconceptions?….to question the testimony they have just heard! Be prepared for some tough questions!

First written in 1954, this powerful drama continues to enthral audiences 70 years later. Its themes are just as pertinent in our world today.

Heidelberg Theatre Company, Rosanna, Melbourne VIC Australia.

(Image by Dave Belton)

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