HTC’s True Minds…The Cast…..20 NOV – 6 DEC 2014

TrueMinds_Promo In love as in life….it’s all about picking sides!

About the play
Being introduced to your future mother-in-law is an anxious time for any young woman, so the last thing Daisy needs is her own leftish parents turning up uninvited – ditto her alcolic ex-boyfriend. ‘True Minds’ is not only an hilarious battle of the sexes and political polarities, but an exploration of the triumph of modern love.

Along with her needle-sharp social observations and characteristic wit, ‘True Minds’ is Joanna Murray-Smith’s most glittering comedy to date.

(Artwork and text by HTC’s Chris McLean)

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Character                                              Actor
Daisy Grayson                                       Clarè Hayes
Tracey Grayson (Daisy’s mother)          Cathy Christensen
Maxim Grayson (Daisy’s father)            Ken McLeish
Mitch Carter (Daisy’s ex-boyfriend)      Jeremy Just
Benedict Perring (Daisy’s fiance)          Blake Stringer
Vivienne Fairfax (Benedict’s mother)     Julie Arnold
TV Host (voiceover)                               Katie Hall

Director                                              Natasha Boyd
Production Co-ordinator                  Maureen McInerney
Set Design                                       Matthew McLaughlin
Sound Design                                   George Bissett
Lighting Design                                 Craig Pearcey
Stage Manager                                Melanie Belcher
Wardrobe                                       Maureen McInerney
Properties                                       Melanie Belcher
Lighting Operators                        Simon Gallagher & Michael Rowe
Prompt                                       Bobbie Parrish
Photography                                 David Belton

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