Amadeus Act II & Dress Rehearsal

"......And so Figaro was produced....."  (PS)

“……And so Figaro was produced…..” (PS)

Divine, creative…yes…but awash in passion and jealousy….just for a start!

Amadeus, in rehearsal, is not yet the exquisite ballet, but the cast members continue to make a feast of Shaffer’s Script. And besides, both Joseph and Wolfgang agree that it’s necessary for the story.

But, beware! Antonio, as ever, sees things differently!

Amadeus is a highly fictionalised account of the lives of composers Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Antonio Salieri. The play focuses on Salieri who, propelled by jealousy and intense dislike, plots the downfall of his rival Mozart. Though Salieri believes Mozart’s work to be divine, he cannot fathom why God has favoured such a vulgar creature to be his creative instrument.

This magnificent play won the 1981 Tony Award for Best Play. The 1984 film won 8 academy awards including best film and best actor

Be sure not to miss this stunning 18th century costume drama – a superb theatrical event

(With additional text by HTC’s Chris McLean)

Amadeus – Dress Rehearsal →

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