HTC’s Season of “Three Sisters” by Anton Chekhov – 1 May to 16 May, 2015


Three Sisters:     In early 20th century Russia, as the storm clouds of Revolution gather, the lives of the well-to-do are under threat. The three Prosorov sisters, living in the provinces, pin their future happiness and the chance of a perfect life on a planned return to Moscow. But faced with dramatic social changes their dreams recede and they must find new meaning in their lives

(Image & text above by HTC’s Chris McLean)

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Character                          Actor
Olga Prosorov                 Cat Jardine
Masha Prosorov              Maree Barnett
Irina Prosorov                  Aimée Sanderson
Andrei Prozorov              James Antonas
Natasha                           Llaaneath Poor
Vershinin                          Barry Lockett
Kulygin                             Xavier Ryan
Solyony                            Pedro Ramos
Chebutykin                       Laurie Jezard
Fedotik                             Sam Howard
Rodé                                Julian Adams
Tuzenbach                       Raymond Martini
Ferapont                          Mick Poor
Anfisa                               Frances Hutson
Maid                                Morgan Thomas Connor

Photography                                 David Belton

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