HTC’s When Dad married Fury…Cast & Crew…20 Jan – 7 March 2015

Family, money, resentment, tragedy...inevitable?

Family, money, resentment, tragedy…inevitable?

About the play

HTC’s first show for 2015 is “When Dad married Fury” by David Williamson.

Published in 2012, Williamson’s ”When Dad Married Fury” is a sharp, funny play about contemporary Australia.

Millionaire businessman Alan has just returned to Oz to celebrate his 70th birthday with his two sons and their wives. Fury, his new 33-year-old American ex-beauty queen wife is with him. Questions of inheritance loom large! What ensues reveals family resentments and even tragedy previously hidden by Alan’s rise to wealth and corporate prominence.

(Artwork and text by HTC’s Chris McLean)

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Character Actor
Alan Peter Hatherley
Fury Kylie Ryan
Ian (Alan’s older son) Darren Gregor
Sue (Ian’s wife) Mandy Murray
Ben (Alan’s younger son) Gavin Baker
Laura (Ben’s wife) Natasha Boyd
Judy (Laura’s mother) Marianne Collopy



Director Maureen McInerney
Production Co-ordinator &
Assistant Director
Margaret Hassall
Lighting Designer Michael Rowe
Set Designer Matthew McLaughlin
Sound Designer George Bissett
Set Construction Owen Evans (lead)
Stage Manager &
Properties Manager
Melanie Belcher
Costumes Paris Elstone
Stage Assistants Llaaneath Poor
Bobbie Parish
Rehearsal Prompt Bobbie Parish
Sound & Lighting Operation Simon Gallagher, Stephanie Cross, John Rowe

Photography                                 David Belton

Creative Commons License
These photographic works and linked galleries by David Belton are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
Based on work from , and links therein.

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