“Blue Stockings” – Committed women fighting for an education and recognition….. at Heidelberg Theatre. 7 – 22 September, 2018

Blue Stockings

by arrangement with Origin Theatrical, on behalf of Samuel French Limited,  written by Jessica Swale and directed by Natasha Boyd

1896 – Girton College, Cambridge, Britain’s first college to admit women.  This story of four young women during one tumultuous academic year, fighting for the right to graduate alongside their male peers, is set against the larger backdrop of women’s suffrage. Little do they anticipate the hurdles in their way; love, class division or the strength of the opposition.   ( Text by Chris McLean – HTC Posters & Programme).

Heidelberg Theatre Company, Rosanna, Melbourne VIC Australia.

(Images by Dave Belton)

Blue Stockings – Foyer Images Selection→
Blue Stockings – Act 2 “Dress”→
Blue Stockings – Act 1 “Dress”→
Blue Stockings – Early rehearsal→
Blue Stockings – Cast→

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