“Inheritance” – Three generations, clashing attitudes, evolving ambitions, and ageing families…..Australian country values under the microscope. Heidelberg Theatre. 16 Nov. – 1 Dec, 2018


by arrangement with HLA Management Pty Ltd, written by Hannie Rayson and directed by Tim Scott.

The 80th birthday of twin sisters Dibs and Girlie should be a cause for celebration, but as the family gathers in the Mallee, the question of who will inherit the farm dominates. Inheritance pits old rural values against new political realities, exposing fault-lines running through three generations.  (Text by Chris McLean – HTC Posters & Programme).

Heidelberg Theatre Company, 36 Turnham Avenue, Rosanna, Melbourne VIC Australia.

Follow the links below to view photos of HTC’s production of Inheritance.  (Images by Dave Belton)

Inheritance – Act 1 “Dress” →
Inheritance – Act 2 “Dress” →

Inheritance – Cast →
Inheritance – Late Rehearsal →
Inheritance – Early rehearsal →
Inheritance – Build →

Heidelberg Theatre Web Site & On-line ticket sales →

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These photographic works and linked galleries by David Belton are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

Based on work from www.scriptandstage.com , and links therein.

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