HTC’s Dixie Swim Club – “Cast & Crew”…1-17 May, 2014

Written by Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope and Jamie Wooten

Written by Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope and Jamie Wooten

The Dixie Swim Club is the story of five unforgettable Southern American women whose friendship began years ago on their college swim team. Every August they meet for long weekends at a beloved beach cottage, enjoying their time together free of their many responsibilities.

As the years pass, to meet the challenges of their lives the women rely more and more on one another’s advice and the fun of shared experiences.

This heartwarming comedy speaks about then enduring power of friendship.
(Artwork and text by HTC’s Chris McLean)
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Dixie Swim Club – Cast Shots →

Character                                            Actor
Sheree Hollinger                              Christine Muscat
Dinah Grayson                                 Jo Warr
Lexie Richards                                 Annabel Mounsey
Jeri Neal McFeeley                          Dianne Mileo
Vernadette Simms                            Genevieve Ryan

Director                                                  Gayle Poor
Assistant Director                                Llaaneath Poor
Assistant Director                                Janine Kerwood
Production Coordinator                      Maureen McInerney
Stage Manager                                       Melanie Belcher
Assistant Stage Manager                    Sheelagh Belton
Set Designer                                            George Trantor
Set Decor                                                  Marie Mackrell
Lighting Designer                                 Emma Fox
Sound Designer                                    Rob Wanless
Costumiers                                              Wendy Drowley, Lois Connor, Diane Brennan

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