Heidelberg Theatre Company presents “Moonlight and Magnolias” by Ron Hutchinson (19 Feb – 5 Mar)

Ben Hecht (James Antonas) tries to craft the words, while Victor Fleming (Jeremy Just) imagines the scene amidst David O. Selznick’s (Tim Constantine) demands for perfection.

“Moonlight and Magnolias”:     It was supposed to be the epic film interpretation of Margaret Mitchell’s blockbuster “Gone with the Wind”. But, now, it’s all fallen in a heap. The producer – David O. Selznick has just stopped the shoot, sacked the director, and the script is in shreds….And there’s just five days before Selznick’s career goes the same way!

Locked in Selznick’s office with a new director and scriptwriter, can they resuscitate what remains of the story and their own careers in just few days? And, NO! you can’t have a bagel!

Heidelberg Theatre Company, Rosanna, Melbourne VIC Australia.

(Image by Dave Belton)

Moonlight and Magnolias – Cast→

Character                          Actor
David O. Selznick              Tim Constantine
Ben Hecht                          James Antonas
Victor Fleming                  Jeremy Just
Miss Popphengul              Pauline Constantine

Moonlight and Magnolias – Foyer Shots→

Heidelberg Theatre Web Site & On-line ticket sales →Moonlight_poster

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